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Award-Winning Cinematographer to Instruct at Institute


June 21, 2004

Rick Allen Lippert

Award-Winning Cinematographer to Instruct at Institute

When Jaws was coming, you could tell by the music. When the cinematographer of “Jaws” is coming, you have to hear it from Rick Allen Lippert, director of the Oklahoma Film Institute.

“Cue the Jaws theme music,” says Lippert. “Cinematographer Bill Butler will arrive in Oklahoma City July 19, to teach in OFI's hands-on filmmaking production program.”

In addition to “Jaws,” Bill Butler has been the cinematographer on “Grease,” “Biloxi Blues,” and the “Rocky” sequels. He was nominated for an academy-award for “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” has won two Emmys, and is the recipient of the American Society of Cinematographers’ Lifetime Achievement Award in 2003.

“Cinematographers determine the photographic ‘look’ of a movie,” explains Lippert. “This is accomplished by manipulating the quality and intensity of light and also by utilizing different camera techniques. Cinematography is truly an art, but it is also a craft requiring extensive technical knowledge. Mr. Butler will share his insight into both of these aspects when he teaches at the Institute.”

Butler will instruct during the second week of the OFI program, when participants will learn about production equipment and shoot several scenes from an award-winning screenplay.

“The best way to learn filmmaking is to go out and make a film. The OFI workshops are based on this concept,” says Fritz Kiersch, director of the Film and Video Production program at Oklahoma City Community College and executive director of OFI. “The participants actually do the planning, shooting and editing. Everything is hands-on and guided the whole way by distinguished industry experts, like Butler.”

Kiersch, who directed “Children of the Corn,” will be instructing during the first week of the program. In addition to Kiersch and Butler, instructors this year will include Oscar-winning producer Gray Frederickson (“The Godfather: Part II,” “Apocalypse Now”), assistant director Frank Kostenko (“The Last Samurai,” “Man on Fire”), sound effects editor Kini Kay (“Boogie Nights,” “Don Juan DeMarco,” “Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey”), production designer Craig Stearns (“Big Momma’s House,” “The Mask”), and more yet to scheduled.

Frederickson will take part in special live online chat this Sunday, June 27, as part of a promotion for the Oklahoma Film Institute. StudentFilms.com will host the free event.

The first week of the OFI program begins July 12, with a week of pre-production. The production week begins July 19, and the week of editing begins July 26. Participants may enroll in any one, any two or all three weeks. Enrollment is still open, Kiersch says.

For more information about the 2004 Oklahoma Film Institute, call 405-682-7847 or visit www.okccc.edu/ofi. For more information about the online chat, visit www.StudentFilms.com.
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