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|!| Jasper and Babe Need Your Help |!|


     I'm posting here because there is a pair of boxers that really needs your help this weekend.  Jasper and Babe were dropped off at a vet clinic in Topeka, KS for boarding for two weeks in February; however, their owners never came back to get them.  Instead of euthanizing them or turning them in to the local kill shelter, the vet decided to continue to board them at his own expense in hopes that he could find a place for them to go.  A local rescue had been in negotiations, but then suddenly backed out; left high and dry, the vet sought the help of a few clients that worked in rescue, and through much cross posting and many phone calls another rescue was found in Prague, OK.  I'm not asking for donations, and I'm not asking for someone to adopt them (although that is certainly an option once they've been evaluated in rescue); they have a place to go, they just need to get there.  Can you help them?  Now traveling the states of Kansas and Oklahoma.

If they do not make it to rescue this Sunday (July 10), they will be put to sleep or dropped off at the local shelter where they are as good as dead (87% euthanasia rate).  This is their last chance.

More details here:
(Please feel free to comment here or there with any questions you may have)
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Thank you
- Saigh

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